Who is a theater artist?
In the New World, they call him a stage or set designer. In any case, the word "design" is always present. The notion "design" specifies anything that can be given a form and be visualy interpreted. The riddle is interesting and requires professional skills and a great deal of taste. But does this definition match exactly the theater artist, who is familiar not only with the literary material but also with live performance? I should precise that I am not talking about the artist who strictly illustrates scenic material and considers that bringing up action is the work of the director and the actors (although sometimes that is exactly what is required of him).

- That's how the profession of the theatre artist is called in Europe. Scenograph's task is directing the unanimated objects on the stage. The world built on stage by an artist has a life of its own which isn't always clear from the beginning. It opens up gradually along with the developement of the story. It transforms, step by step, into an obvious mood of the play, that is, into the " room" of the actors' life. Things on the stage loose their ordinary meaning and get tied up together in spite of the common logic. The aura may be created by architectonically poor means, by the texture of materials with their physical characteristics (softness- hardness, light- heaviness, etc.), that directly influence viewers' perception. The complexity of the decoration's structure depends on the level of the problems which the artist raises before himself. His personal motif, the way he reads the piece of matter alot. The main virtue of a scenographer is being able to figure out his relationship with the material and the way he understands the issues of the piece. It is a must to highlight the conflict and to get the play's climax through it. As of the rest - how to put together several places of the action in one scene or how to combine interior and exterior and such - that is the part of the job, which could easily be related to the word "design".

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